Debra Small Photography | Frozen Luminescence
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Ice by its’ nature radiates a beautiful luminescent quality when bathed in light, as can be seen in glacial ice. Normally we only experience these translucent effects with white light. However, when colored light is played over and around ice, a new visual experience occurs. In this body of work frozen blocks of ice were illuminated with colored light in order to give each a new visual life. Using an in camera technique known as ‘painting with light’, a small hand held flashlight covered by a colored gel was shone on the ice blocks from multiple angles. This resulted in the ice appearing to emanate with a glowing light of many colors and created fanciful light trails around the frozen sculptures.
Frozen Purple HazeLavender and Lemon IceTower of IceLightening RodGlacial AuroraIce FireRainbow IceIce FlambeColorful CubesBruised IceInternal FlameAquatic Plug-InFrozen Sherbet Wars

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