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“Metamorphosis” depicts the evolution as a woman transitions from birth to death from the perspective of a butterfly.

The act of metamorphosis can be seen throughout the natural world, from butterfly, to frog, to human being. This change can be physical, emotional, intellectual, cultural and or spiritual.

Other photographers have explored the concept of change from as far back as the pictorial period to present day. Joyce Tenneson has looked at the transitions from young to old, while Anne Brigman, a 19th century pictorial photographer, has explored metamorphosis from a spiritual realm with her nudes in natural settings.

While inspired by these artists, my work explores the physical aspect of change as well as the emotional and spiritual. These images explore the deeper aspects and meanings of the changes a woman goes through from the delicate innocence of childhood, to the turbulent and unsure period of adolescence, to the joys felt in adulthood, into the peaceful resignation of old age and finally death. In our personal lives we may not always see these changes on the surface but yet we feel them deeply in our souls.

These images are printed as platinum/palladium/gold toned Kallitype prints, a 19th century printing process.
Cocoon-BirthEmergingEmergence-Looking BackWet WingsBeautiful WingsDance of the ButterflyJoyful FlightVeiled Dance of JoyWinged JoyFanciful FlightFinal DanceOld Age-Death EncroachingDeath of the Butterfly

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