Debra Small Photography | Nudes: A Romantic Encounter
Created 13-May-13
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The human figure is exquisitely beautiful and it was my intention to have that beauty resonate from the images of this body of work. Through this portfolio of work I have created picturesque romantic imagery similar to the nudes of the pictorial period.
In this nude study my subjects were illuminated using painting with light techniques, where LED flashlights covered with a diffusing material were used to paint light onto the models body giving a lovely soft glowing light to the skin. Whole body poses as well as close-ups of various parts of the body helped create some images that make the viewer question what they are actually looking at.
To further the artistic and romantic emotion that I was striving for in this portfolio, I converted the digital images to black and white digital negatives and then printed the images as silver salt prints. This technique of printing, from the late 1800’s, brought an additional sense of romantic beauty to the portfolio that I feel is not achievable in a digital medium.
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